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Pearl Necklace   $25
Pearl Necklace $25
Pretty white glass pearls with crystal accents. 17" long - Perfect for the bride! item #7778B
Pacifier Holder Set $20
This pacifier holder converts to a bracelet for Mom when not is use. Simply disconnect the ends with the lobster clasp and place on arm! 7 1/2' long. Matching newborn bracelet included. Custom orders always welcomed. item #0020C
Pacifier Holder Set   $20
Porcelain $15
Porcelain $15
Dark purple porcelain beads with shiny silver accent beads. Matching glass beads finish the design at 17" with a 3" extender chain. item #0133C
"Elbow" Necklace $23
These cute lime green glass tubes remind me of elbow macaroni noodles! Such fun! Bright pops of purple and hot pink. 3" long pendant - 16" necklace with lime green seed beads around the back. item #0371C
"Elbow" Necklace   $23
"Elbow" Earrings   $5
"Elbow" Earrings $5
to match the above necklace - 2 1/2' in length on silver ear wires. item #0374C
Nugget Necklace $26
Bright green and purple dyed howlite nuggets make up this funky design. An impressive 28" long! Pretty purple glass beads with flowers, metal bead and lots of green chips. item #0378C
Nugget Necklace   $26
Purple Flowered Earrings   $5
Purple Flowered Earrings $5
to match the above necklace. 2" long on silver ear wires. item #0400C
Silvery Glass Necklace $20
The center bead is pretty sparkly! Clear cracked glass nuggets and matte finish acrylic beads complete the design at 16" - 3" extender chain. item #0212A
Silvery Glass Necklace    $20
Glass Earrings   $5
Glass Earrings $5
to match the above necklace - 2" long on silver ear wires. item #0215A
Aqua Charm Bracelet $28
7 3/4" gold link bracelet with turquoise suede lacing run through the links. Aqua glass and acrylic dangles. Pretty large silver toggle clasp. item #0494A
Aqua Charm Bracelet    $28
Wine Cork Bracelet   $15
Wine Cork Bracelet $15
Salmon colored glass pearls make up this three strand stretch bracelet with a wine cork focal point. item #0312A
Pearl Ear Cuffs $18
What a cool design!! Chain with pearl drop measures about 2 1/2". Ear cuff just slips on the outer ear and adjusts by squeezing to fit. item #0477A
Pearl Ear Cuffs    $18
Lime Green Cross Ear Cuffs   $19
Lime Green Cross Ear Cuffs $19
Three inches long - lots of swinging chains! item #0446a
Cross Ear Cuffs $17
A rhinestone cross is the focal point of these ear cuffs. Dark clue and clear Swarovski accents. 3" drop. item #0443A
Cross Ear Cuffs   $17
Silver Link Bracelet    $12
Silver Link Bracelet $12
8" silver link bracelet with a large white glass bead dangle. Small silver toggle clasp. item #0373A
Pearls $29
Three strand white glass pearl necklace with crystal and silver accents. 18" long with chain around the back of the neck. item #0230A
Pearls   $29
Sideways Cross Bracelet    $13
Sideways Cross Bracelet $13
Silver hammered cross with 8mm white glass pearls with silver spacers. 8" with a lobster clasp. item #1614A
Designer Inspired Bracelet $9
Simple pewter circles make up this 7 1/2" bracelet with a pewter toggle clasp. Glass pearl accents. item #1103A
Designer Inspired Bracelet    $9
Mother of Pearl Key Ring   $7
Mother of Pearl Key Ring $7
Perfect for the Beach House keys! item #1698A
Beautiful Brown Necklace $24
Great focal beads - love these! Lots of silver accents, too. 20" long. item #2032A
Beautiful Brown Necklace   $24
Beautiful Brown Bracelet   $9
Beautiful Brown Bracelet $9
To match the above necklace - stretch styling fits most. item #2033A
Brown Earrings $4
To match the above necklace/bracelet. 2" long on silver posts. item #2038A
Brown Earrings    $4
Tons of Purple!    $27
Tons of Purple! $27
Just gorgeous beads! Kinda funky - a real attention grabber. 21" long with lots of acrylic beads, too. item #2043A
Feelin' Funky Necklace $23
Turquoise chips, red bamboo coral, and wooden sticks make up this design with lots of stone chips. 24" long. item #2210A
Feelin' Funky Necklace    $23
Funky Earrings    $8
Funky Earrings $8
to match the above necklace - over 3" long on gold ear wires. item #2313
Swarovski Bracelet $33
All Swarovski large and small bicones - sterling lobster clasp. 8" long. Perfect for pageants/formals. item #2315A
Swarovski Bracelet   $33
Pearl Bracelet   $16
Pearl Bracelet $16
All freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals - 8" in length with a small heart shaped toggle. Dress up or down! item #2322A
Silver Link Bracelet $16
Large silver link bracelet (adjustable up to 8 1/2") with two silver chains interwoven. Pearl accents. item #2329A
Silver Link Bracelet    $16
Dragonfly Earrings   $17
Dragonfly Earrings $17
Blue Swarovski crystals with pewter wings - silver ear wires. 2" long item #2456A
Dragonfly Earrings $9
Lightweight little silver dragonflies - Swarovski color crystal (6mm bicone) of your choice. 2" long on silver ear wires. item #2478
Dragonfly Earrings   $9
Cork Bracelet    $15
Cork Bracelet $15
Three strands of textured white glass pearls - 8" stretch styling. item #2493A
Gold Bookmark $8
Dark Indigo Swarovski crystals dangle from this pretty bookmark. Great add-on gift with a book for Christmas giving. item #2434A
Gold Bookmark     $8
Eyeglass Lanyard   $15
Eyeglass Lanyard $15
Made with all little glass multi-colored beads - 32" long. Never lose your readers again! item #2487A
Pewter Charm Bracelet $30
Pewter chain (8") with words (Wander, Journey, Simplify, & Imagine) with pewter charms and vintage glass beads. item #2551A
Pewter Charm Bracelet    $30
Copper Charm Bracelet    $30
Copper Charm Bracelet $30
Copper chain (8") with words (Cherish, Listen, Artful & Believe) with copper charms and a gorgeous heart gemstone. item #2555A
Bronze Cross $21
Beautiful bronze cross with a center rhinestone measures 2" by 1 1/2" on a 24" bronze chain with a 3" extender. item #2633A
Bronze Cross   $21
Antiqued Cross    $17
Antiqued Cross $17
Delicate (2" by 1 1/4") antiqued cross with lots of sparkling rhinestones! I added just a little more bling with a connector to the simple black chain. total length is 22" with a 4 ' extender) item #2541
Mixed Metals $27
This copper necklace has dark pewter and gold strands to really mix things up! Looks great on - and goes with everything in your closet! 23" long. item #4411A
Mixed Metals    $27
Beverage Marker   $6
Beverage Marker $6
Drop this over your water bottle at the gym or your beer bottle while tailgating. Never misplace that drink again! Brown with a photo charm.
Beverage Marker $6
Pink with a silver butterfly and Swarovski pink crystal.
Beverage Marker   $6
Beverage Marker    $6
Beverage Marker $6
Green with a silver key.
Beverage Marker $6
Pink with a pewter butterfly.
Beverage Marker    $6
Beverage Marker    $6
Beverage Marker $6
Blue with a pewter peace sign.
Bookmark $7
Metal bookmark with dragonfly and tiny green Swarovski accent. #4381A
Bookmark   $7
Bookmark   $7
Bookmark $7
Pewter butterfly with rhinestone accent. item #4385
Bookmark $7
Faceted glass angel. item #4387A
Bookmark    $7
Bookmark   $7
Bookmark $7
Pewter cross with rhinestone accents. item #4390A
Bookmark $7
Silver butterfly with pink Swarovski accent. item #4393A
Bookmark   $7
Silver Disc Earrings    $9
Silver Disc Earrings $9
Very reflective - great accessory! 2 1/4" on silver ear wires. item #0522B
Sea Turtle Earrings $6
Very dainty pearl sea turtle charms - just 1" in length on silver ear wires. item #0530B
Sea Turtle Earrings   $6
"Be Blessed" Bracelet   $7
"Be Blessed" Bracelet $7
Copper glass pearl - stretch style bracelet fits most. Flip side of charm is just scroll work. item #0641B
Leather Wrap Bracelet $12
Suede lacing wraps around your wrist three times and closes with a large silver lobster clasp. Mother-of-pearl heart, peace sign and LOVE charms dangle from the clasp. item #0486A
Leather Wrap Bracelet    $12
Mixed Metal Necklace    $18
Mixed Metal Necklace $18
Simple mixture of black, pewter, bronze and copper strand. Length - up to 25". item #0688B
Gold Link Necklace $34
Large gold links measure 16" with a 2" extender chain. A mixture of acrylic and glass beads make this statement necklace amazing! item #0647B
Gold Link Necklace    $34
Acrylic Earrings   $8
Acrylic Earrings $8
Stunning earrings measure 2 1/4" long on gold ear wires. item #0659B
Bottle Stopper $14
Perfect Christmas add-on gift with a nice bottle of wine. Red Pandora style beads.
Bottle Stopper   $14
Wine Cork Jewelry Hanger or Key Holder     $12
Wine Cork Jewelry Hanger or Key Holder $12
All "Barefoot" wine corks - 8 1/2" across.
Attention "Gator" Fans! $8
Uber cute pewter 'gators! 1 3/4" long on silver ear wires. item #1063B
Attention "Gator" Fans!   $8
Gorgeous Beach Bracelet   $17
Gorgeous Beach Bracelet $17
Such a lovely shade of blue! Reminds me of sea glass. 8" long bracelet with a mermaid toggle clasp. item #1038B
Starfish Earrings $7
to match the above bracelet - almost 2" in length on silver ear wires. item #1060B
Starfish Earrings   $7
Badge Holder   $10
Badge Holder $10
Heron Colors - Blue & Gold. Total length 36". Made with blue foiled beads and lots of gold seed beads. item #0528C
Lanyard $14
Blue retractable lanyard with shades of blue and green cats eye glass beads. item #1351A
Lanyard   $14
Armor of God Necklace   $15
Armor of God Necklace $15
Ephesians 6: 10-18 "Put on the full armor of God..." Tibetan silver charms on a 30' ball chain necklace. item #1406A
Armor of God Bracelet $20
7 1/2" long with an antiqued silver toggle clasp. item #1389A
Armor of God Bracelet   $20
Armor of God Necklace   $15
Armor of God Necklace $15
26" long on black suede lacing. item #1414A
Armor of God Necklace $15
chain 17" long item #1395A
Armor of God Necklace   $15
Teal Feather Earrings   $14
Teal Feather Earrings $14
Pretty amazing! The longest feather measures in at 8"! AB glass beads and top drilled Swarovski bicones add sparkle. item #1399A
Red Teardrop Necklace $23
Pretty red glass teardrops with black accents - red/black seed beads finish the 17 1/2" design with magnetic clasp. item #1468A
Red Teardrop Necklace   $23
Red Teardrop Earrings   $8
Red Teardrop Earrings $8
To match the above necklace - Almost 2" long on silver ears wires. item #1476A
GA Earrings $10
Also match the above necklace. A little over 3" long on silver ear wires. item #1473A
GA Earrings   $10